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    and open your mind to a new world!

    CEFR: Leading to A1-A2+

    Enter the portal engages students’ interest to the importance of English in their lives, and excites their curiosity. The series is recommended for upper-primary (or the 3rd cycle in the 2026 core curriculum), though it can be started earlier through the Starter level.

    All four communication skills are effectively developed through a range of integrated activities. The addition of the CLIL pages, culture pages, research tasks, competency development and lots of videos makes English lessons much more engaging and enjoyable.

    Teachers will enjoy the flexibility the series offers, the tips on differentiation, the extra material on our teacher’s assistant and the multimedia material, making teaching more creative, more effective and more enjoyable.

    Enter the Portal 5 has especially been created for Slovakia, based on the current and 2026 core curricula. As well as ensuring all the requirements are met, it also facilitates the change from primary to secondary school.

    Main features:
    • 32 pages of extra vocabulary and grammar practice in the workbook
    • Each module accompanied by about 8 videos
    • Special attention to the development of the key competencies
    • Follows requirements of current and 2026 Slovak core curricula
    • Colourful workbook
    • Extra material on our teacher’s assistant
    • Motivates students