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    CEFR: Leading to A1-B1.1

    Top Stars is a primary course that takes students from Beginner to the B1 level with careful consideration of students' particular needs at each stage. The course has been designed with a learner-centred focus, and it aims to engage learners actively in using language to explore their environment and interact with others in order to construct meaning. It closely follows the way students develop in the modern world. Top Stars employs the modular approach and is in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference. It also builds 21st century competencies.

    Main features
    • Well-balanced modules with songs, stories and factual texts that motivate and encourage skills development
    • Comic-strip stories with animations that present new structures and vocabulary
    • Adaptation of well-known tales with animations that promote critical thinking
    • Cross-curricular and cross-cultural topics
    • A variety of activities (listening, speaking, short writing activities with grammar practice, hands-on activities and projects)
    • Activities designed to develop 21st century skills
    • 50-60 videos per level
    • Interactive and board games
    • Although the student’s book of level 1 contains text, students are not required to read or write