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    For young learners (aged 6-10), it’s important to have a coursebook follows the development of our students, so that they can learn English in an appropriate way. There are two series that we recommend for Slovakia, one for state schools and one for more ambitious students

    State school

    For state schools, we recommend the Young Stars series. This dual-entry-level series can be started in year 1 or year 3.

    Using Young Stars 5 in year 5 will ensure that students meet all the requirements of (current and expected new) Slovak national core curriculum.

    More information about Young Stars can be found here.

    Language schools, bilingual & more intensive courses

    For more ambitious students, we recommend Top Stars. With a similar structure as Young Stars, it contains more material and has a quicker pace, leading to B1 after 6 levels.

    The Top Stars series can be started with students from year 1 or 2.

    More information about Top Stars can be found here.