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    A modern course book for a modern world

    CEFR: A1-C1

    The world is changing quickly and because of this also the way we communicate and the language we use. Pioneer isn’t just our newest series for adults and secondary schools, it is also the best course book available to help the students prepare for this modern world.

    The series takes beginners to a strong C1+ in 7 levels, and uses modern methodology to ensure effective and successful language learning.

    The authors have spent a great deal of thought to identify real-life situations where the students might encounter English to make sure the students learn the language in a meaningful context. The result is that the students come into contact with authentic-like material with language and vocabulary which is actually used in the English-speaking world today.

    As with all of our books, Pioneer comes with full teacher’s support to ensure successful language learning.

    Main features:
    • Up to 80 pages extra grammar practice in the workbook, making sure that extra grammar exercises are available when required.
    • The series follows the modular approach, where every module focuses on a motivating and contemporary topic. All the tasks of the module are based on this topic, creating an integrated approach of the different skills.
    • Easy-to-use interactive whiteboard material, which includes extra videos that can be used in the lessons and a glossary
    • On-line materials for students, accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • Modern and authentic-like reading texts, which are relevant for the world today.
    • Colourful workbook with exercises that make students think and engage with English.
    • Based on modern methodology and pedagogy, where the students are involved in their own learning process.
    • Step-by-step guide to realistic writing tasks, where students learn to plan the writing process and use appropriate expressions.
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